Development & Maintenance

Quality, innovation and growth are important principles to us. We are not growers ourselves, but together with growers and suppliers we are constantly innovating the product. Because we work with fresh products, technology plays a key role in the daily supplying of our clients and consumers. Therefore the quality of the products we buy is of major importance to us and to be sure we maintain this quality we only select the best growers in order to be able to supply our clients with only the most beautiful flowers.


Trends and developments

We constantly adapt our business processes to the wishes of both existing clients and new clients. Trends and innovations play an active role, which makes it possible for us to explore new markets with the existing product. Knowledge of the market, constant adaptation, change and improvement of the flowers are key in correctly anticipating the development of new concepts.

In the following years we will focus even more on perfecting the export and wholesale of flowers. Through flexibilisation of our services, our knowledge, modern facilities and innovative technologies we are able to professionalise our company to an even higher degree.

Our strength lies mainly in our knowledge of the entire trade process in horticulture. Through our broad knowledge and many years of experience we are able to work very efficiently and serve a wide segment of the market, such as:

– Large-scale retail

We completely unburden our large-scale retail clients. We take over the entire logistic and innovative process, from breeder to consumer, so that our client can offer the best product for the best price. We fully adapt our services to the wishes of the client and we supply cut flowers, bouquets and potted plants on-site. We know the latest trends and developments and we inform our clients about this regularly. We maintain direct communication lines with our partners and we always make sure our client’s customers are also happy.

– Wholesaler in flowers

We supply our clients with fresh cut flowers all year through. Whether it’s about only a few bouquets or a whole truckload of flowers, we serve the wishes of the client. We therefore offer a wide assortment of flowers all year through. Of course we follow the last trends and developments. We like to market new products together with growers, breeders and the client.